2012 Review

On the field

Cricket clubs in the south of England had a very disappointing start to the season. We were no exception, losing seven of our first nine matches and then three of our next five to the appalling weather. We would have lost a few more other than for the hours of dedication from Paul Colloff and Julian Gibbs. Overall we had 16 games called off or abandoned due to the rain!

For the games we played we were once again in positive territory on the win/loss ratio. The final tally for the year was won 17 and lost 14. Some of the losses were achieved from pretty solid winning positions but generally a middle order collapse followed by a short tail caused our demise.

The matches were pretty much all played in a competitive but fair manner. LBWs continue to be the main provocation to disagreement. Nothing new there then!

There were some very impressive performances with both the bat and the ball and in the field. The outstanding performances are recognised in the awards section below but there were many more that deserve a mention. On the batting front, in addition to the award winners, Tony King, Ernest Thakurdas, Ian Fisher, Derrick Randall, James King, Arslan, Peter Box, Julian Gibbs and Manu Kapila all made innings of substantial runs to help us build a defendable score.

For the bowlers, Arslan, Mark Denness, Junaid, Manu Kapila, Julian Gibbs, Will Voaden, Arjan Purba, Paul Colloff, James King, Peter Box and Derrick Randall toiled away and took many wickets in our quest for a win.

The wicketkeepers rarely get a mention as they are not eligible for the fielding award but they are “involved” in every ball that is bowled by us. Our mainstay keeper on Saturdays is Ian Fisher who does a fantastic job flying around behind the stumps like a 21 year old. The Sunday duties were shared around between James King, Paul Colloff, Peter Box, Aurele Armstrong-Cerfontaine and Prash Kumar who all did a creditable job. We would like to thank all of our players for their on field performances.

We welcomed the following new players during the season: Arjan Purba, Junaid, Aurele Armstrong-Cerfontaine, Ernest Thakurdas, Jim Harmsworth Cowles, Zaib, Ramiz, Paul Whelan, Jagu, Imran and Mikki. We look forward to seeing a lot more of them next season.


Much of the behind the scenes work falls to the captains. While we had 22 players who played six matches or more and five who played five, we had 15 players who played less than five matches. Such a lack of depth in our regular players results in protracted searches at the back end of the week to make up our weekend sides. The message is that we owe a great debt of gratitude to Tony King, Derrick Randall, Mark Denness, in particular, Prash Kumar, for all their persistence. We have almost finished a project to have an up to date player database which should make the captains’ task a little easier in future. Manu Kapila kicked off that project for which we thank him very much.

President’s Day 2012

Once again the sunshine arrived for the annual highlight of our season. It was the seventeenth occasion that Edward Guinness’ family, under the captaincy of our President, Peter Grieg, challenged the Club. In a match with a very similar ending to the tied match in 2010, the Club won again this year with one wicket in hand in the last over. A superb lunch preceded our on field activities which were then followed by the Piper’s Farm BBQ. Peter and his family, who own and run Piper’s Farm, supplied us with excellent salmon and meats while Tansy, Sue and Sheena did all the salads and trimmings. A huge thank you to them for making the players’ jobs so easy! Click here for the full match report…

Pitching in

A successful and enjoyable season on the field of play does not happen without a lot of time and effort from our volunteers off the field. Firstly, we owe a huge thank you to the women and men who create own highly acclaimed teas. Tansy did the lion’s share of the teas this year, often stepping in at short notice. Ian no doubt helped out as did Peter with Sue who also did a significant number of teas. Others who chimed in with teas were Sheena and Manu, Anrshia and Ali and Raj and Jazz.

The lack of storage space at the ground requires us to store and move quite a lot of equipment in and out of the changing rooms for our home games. The early arrivals at the ground, who are not many but they know who they are, carry out this task efficiently and without bother. Our thanks to the “early birds”.

The wet weather in the early part of the season prevented us from getting the cricket net up and running this year. Hopefully normal service will be resumed next year and we will be able to have a “net” on a Tuesday evening. Some of us certainly need a bit of practice between matches.

The Cricket Club have a big hand in running the bar, not just on match days but for functions run under the FSCA banner. The money raised is an important funding element for the facilities at King George’s Field. We are very grateful to Ian, Tansy, Paul and Jules for their considerable dedication to this endeavour.

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