FCC v Ibstone CC

By | July 28, 2013

Ibstone 222 for 6 off 40 overs
Fulmer 137 all out
FCC lost by 85 (or was it 105) runs

BREAKING NEWS!!! Ali went out to toss, actually WON IT! In the ensuing confusion of not knowing what to do in these circumstances somehow he opted to field.

Unfortunately (apart from Manu’s first over which gained a wicket) the shock felt by Fulmer’s bowlers at such an unusual event was reflected in their figures with only Nomi going for less than 4 runs an over (3.9). This was mainly down to the Ibstone No 3 (Downing) who hit the ball with such might that it was a miracle that only one ball was lost!

Downing eventually fell for 89, ably supported by Bridges (37) and N Hester (31). Collie took two wickets, with Manu, James, Jules and Ali picking up one each. FCC fielding was also up (or down) to par with three catches taken and three dropped.

The Ibstone innings closed after 40 overs on a total of 242 for 6 – or did it? The runs credited to the batsmen only totalled 206 which, with extras counting for 16, gave a grand total of 222. This was not noticed until the Fulmer innings had begun, so the captains would have to sort that one out later.

Fulmer began the chase after an excellent Tansy tea that was complimented by the opposition. Things did not look too good after just one over, with James falling for four runs. Ali (11) and Sukhi (6) had a partnership of 19 before both fell, followed by Fish for nine. Nomi briefly gave a bit of a chase with his usual flair in getting 15 and Ben batted well for his 11. Danny went first ball and at 67 for 6 it looked like an early finish was on the cards.

However Peter (26), once he survived the hat-trick ball, had other plans, he put on 32 with Ben, then 39 with Jules (17*). Manu contributed three to the total before Paul went for nought. The biggest contributor for Fulmer was extras with a sterling effort of 35 runs as Fulmer ended on 137 all out.

The difference in the Ibstone score was no longer relevant as Fulmer lost either by 85 or 105 runs, depending on your point of view. It was still a good day enjoyed by everyone, with only the slightest hint of rain.

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