President’s Day 2014

By | July 20, 2014


President’s XII 181 for 5 off 28 overs
FCC 176 for 10 off 35 overs
Fulmer lost by 5 wickets

Dawn rose on the Saturday of the President’s match weekend with the worry of terrible rain and thunderstorms having been forecast. Thankfully, apart from some rain on Saturday, none of these transpired which allowed the work in getting ready for the game to start early.

Much work is done the day before the game so it was no surprise that at even at 7pm there was Paul mowing the square, Jules doing the same with the outfield, James running amok on the roller and Fish and Tansy in the kitchen offloading piles of food into the fridges and freezers. Sunday itself was overcast in the morning, with a similar forecast for the rest of the day.

By 10am on the day, the pavilion was already full with people cleaning, food preparing and all round cricket field preparation. Even some of the opposition were already there practising for the game!

The catering team, consisting of Sue, Sheena and Jim and led by Tansy did an excellent job in getting lunch ready which was perfectly complemented by the provision of the truly delicious salmon, beef and ham provided by Peter (Greig) and Kiki.

After lunch, supplemented by copious amounts of Pimms, Peter (Box) welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to the social highlight of FCC’s cricketing calendar and surprised Edward with a cake to celebrate (slightly belatedly but most appropriate for the day) his 90th birthday. Edward replied by also thanking everyone for coming and presented his thanks and flowers to Tansy, Sue and Sheena.

And so to the cricket. Peter and Will went out for the toss which Will won and with a complete disregard to tradition the President’s team chose to field first. Junaid and Prash opened, with Prash falling early which brought James to the wicket, who top-scored with 36.

A fifty partnership later Junaid fell for a well-crafted and occasionally brutal (including three sixes off three balls) 34 runs, Nick came and went, Nomi went out to bat, at which point all the non-playing FCC members went to protect their cars in the car park, and scored a characteristically hard-hitting 28.

Fish, Peter and Jules contributed a few before Manan and Manu (batting together for possibly the first time) had a late burst both scoring 17. Paul C was unlucky to be given out leaving Armando to face the last two balls of the innings. A total of 176 was felt to be below par on the supreme batting track that Paul and Jules had prepared.

After tea Peter and Ed opened with Peter in particularly aggressive form scoring 53 including two powerful sixes. Of the opening partnership of 54 Ed only made nine.

T Barker scored 15, Will an excellent 36 and Christo 18, leaving T Cooper and Harry Trick to knock of the last runs by scoring 28 not out and 10 not out respectively, the total being chased down in just 28 overs.

Of the eight bowlers utilised by Fulmer only Nomi went for less than five an over (8-2-25-0), with James picking up two wickets and Paul, Prash and Jules one each. The advantage to finishing the game early was that the BBQ, with the fabulous burgers and sausages provided by Piper’s Farm, could be tucked into with relish earlier than normal.

Ben and Jim kept the spectators plied with drinks from the bar in the afternoon and then players and spectators into the evening.

The change in tradition with the President’s team fielding first changed their luck as having lost the last three year’s games (and tied the year before that) they won. However the tradition of everyone (players and spectators alike) having a really enjoyable and family oriented day was definitely maintained. All involved look forward to resuming the contest in 2015.

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