Fulmer CC v West Wycombe CC

By | May 31, 2016

Fulmer 62 all out
West Wycombe 64 for 0 off not many overs
Fulmer lost by 10 wickets

Fulmer managed to put in a totally wretched performance which closely matched the dismal weather and were soundly and deservedly beaten by old rivals West Wycombe.

Having won the toss, instead of studying the latest met office forecast of “rain spreading later” and thereby inserting the oppo with a good chance of bowling with a new and dry ball, master tactician Tony decided to bat.

Nonetheless, full of hope Mark and Nick strode purposefully to what looked to be another perfect Colloff wicket. Unfortunately, Nick made the return trip almost immediately, being bowled facing the very first ball of his seasonal debut. Impressively consistent having achieved exactly the same feat last year!

That body blow was closely followed by the demise of the usually dependable and prolific Nige who managed to drive a full toss straight to cover. This served to send shockwaves through the dressing room and, importantly, making sure the urn was switched on for the strong likelihood of an early Tea!

Mark was next to go, caught in similar fashion at cover point. Tony,having not picked a bat up for almost a year, took ” looking a bit rusty” to a new level and was summarily bowled.

Suman, at least, showed some resistance with one or two lusty blows and became the only Fulmer batsmen to reach double figures but ultimately perished being caught at deep mid wicket. Jules adjudged LBW was followed by Chairman Pete who was timing the ball quite well but drove a sharp catch back and was caught and bowled.

David then, after stubborn resistance proceeded to jeopardise his boyish good looks (he asked me to say that) by glancing a ball of the shoulder of the bat and suffer a nasty cut to the eye. Harry and Paul then followed, leaving Armando to cruelly run out of partners!

A truly woeful batting performance which failed miserably against West Wycombe’s decent but what shouldn’t have proved to be unplayable bowling.

After another great Tea provided by the Chairman, West Wycombe had little trouble knocking off the runs, admittedly in worsening weather conditions with the Fulmer bowlers struggling to grip a ball with all the characteristics of a bar of soap (high in the list of lame excuses!)

Fulmer were put out of their misery with West Wycombe reaching the total with no wickets and very little fuss. Nick’s perfect day compounded by dropping the only catch that went to hand! Samaritans on speed dial.

The best part of Fulmers day proved to be a post match beer or two with our as always social neighbours from Wycombe who to their credit swelled bar takings and as importantly avoided gloating!

Both sides look forward to renewing friendly rivalry later in the season.

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