Hit or Miss CC v FCC

By | May 29, 2016


Hit or Miss 162 for 3 from 23 overs
Fulmer 161 all out from 40 overs
Fulmer lost by 7 wickets

Having never played in this neck of the woods, the first hurdle of the day was to negotiate the fact that there are two cricket grounds on Penn Street, both opposite pubs – although, rather obviously, Hit or Miss CC play opposite a pub of the same name!

Knowing that HoM were 4 players short, the 15 of Fulmer CC eventually arrived in dribs and drabs to limp over the second hurdle of working out who was going to play for the oppo.

The recently renamed Mushy (Munshy… Munchy… Crunchie?) with two of the Slough cohorts plus Suman were assigned to the home dressing room. Out in the middle the home skipper, Ivor, pleaded a fragile batting lineup to Paul, acting as skipper in the absence of a real ‘captain’. Needless to say Ivor then won the toss and fielded first.

Not having had to recount the results of recent FCC batting displays, Keith and Sri were sent out on a green track to open the batting, but after 10 overs we found ourselves at 27-4.

Keith tried to hit a ball into the next county that started on middle stump and literally finished on middle stump. Sri got bowled by a slower full bunger that he was lining up for the boundary. Jules got bowled round his legs for a golden duck and Mani got caught at midwicket off the middle of the bat.

Fortunately Suraj batted really well for 48 and after a scratchy start reflecting his lack of match time, Will played well for 27. Ravi chipped in with 40 n.o. bludgeoned to all parts of the ground and we actually used up our 40 overs, finishing on 161. HoM tried to establish some sort of record by using 9 bowlers, or perhaps they were just trying to justify their ‘fragile batting’ tag.

Suraj and Danny (following his performance at Odney) opened the bowling and HoM loaded the top order with the Slough contingent plus the skipper.

Suraj demonstrated his all-rounder credentials with a spell of 2-18 from 6, albeit a touch unfit as he couldn’t finish off his quota of 8, but Danny bowled Heinz varieties to get more than a little ‘tap’.

Not to be outdone Jules then got spanked even further. A double (or should that be triple) change saw Will and Ravi halve the runs conceded per over but with the exception of a wicket for Will there wasn’t much joy for the FCC bowlers.

Simon got to turn his arm over for 1.3 overs at the end but by then the game was lost. All done and dusted in 23 overs! The HoM skipper made 80n.o. (oh for a fragile batting line up!). The only other bright spot was Keith as volunteer stand-in wicketkeeper (first time ever) who did well taking 2 catches and only conceding 6 byes.

There was a good turn out in the pub over the road after the game so thanks to HoM for being an hospitable bunch and we look forward to hosting them at KGF next year.

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