President’s Message

Peter Greig, President, FCC

Peter Greig, President, FCC

A look into the excellent website for Fulmer CC opens the window into the exceptional character of the wider community of Fulmer.

There is a detailed archive of its history, particularly focussed around the people who have created it.

And today the Fulmer Newsletter is a wonderful canvas for painting the rich tapestry of village life…

The Parish Council, Village Hall, St James Church, The Black Horse, the Infant School, to name but a few; and not least, the beating heart of activity that is The Sports Clubs at King George’s Field.


The newsletter is one of the legacies of the many years served as Chairman of the PCC by our Senior Vice President, Edward Guinness.

It is perhaps no surprise that in prime position in his family home at Huyton Fold Edward displays with immense pride a large team photo of The President’s Match.

Nothing can be more pleasurable for everyone who contributes so much to the running of the Club than to see sport being played with great spirit and enjoyment.

May 2017 be a memorable year on the King George Playing Fields, with lots of both!

Peter Greig
April 2017