President’s Message

Peter Greig, President, FCC

Peter Greig, President, FCC

My role as President of Fulmer CC is really an honorary one because, as a Club, we are extremely fortunate still to have the very committed support of my predecessor, Edward Guinness.

He has the distinction of having entered the “nervous nineties” since my message at the start of the 2014 season!
As he approaches his ton, I believe it is good to reflect on the enormous contribution he has made to the facilities at the Club.

And there is no greater way of acknowledging that than to make the most of them… So, for all of us who have the pleasure of playing at King George’s Field during 2015, let us be extremely grateful for his efforts and also those of the many others who work tirelessly, both on and off the field, to make every game possible.

Let us endeavour to have a more successful bag of results than our National side at the World Cup and win or lose, let us be champions at promoting the Spirit of our wonderful game!

Have a lot of fun and good luck!

Peter Greig
April 2015